Tuna on Toast with Stryker
Tuna on Toast with Andrew McMahon (…in the Wilderness, Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin)

Tuna on Toast with Andrew McMahon (…in the Wilderness, Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin)

October 20, 2022
In this episode, Ted Stryker welcomes Andrew McMahon to the Tuna on Toast podcast studio.

Andrew tells Stryker all about Something Corporate getting the offer to play the When We Were Young Music Festival 2023 in Las Vegas and how that went down.
Andrew and Stryker chat about life in the 90's at Dana Hills High School and how Something Corporate came to be. 
Andrew tells Stryker all about selling out the Coachhouse music venue while in high school, recording the album Ready...Break at The Galaxy in the middle of the night, and, signing a deal with Drive-Thru Records and MCA. 
The guys talk about the song "If U C Jordan" getting radio play and Andrew hearing Stryker on the radio talk up the song! 
Andrew reveals how and why Jack's Mannequin started and how he was able to get out of his Geffen record deal.  Once he was free from that, Andrew signed with Guy Oseary and Maverick Records. 
Andrew talks to Stryker about getting diagnosed with cancer and the fight it took to beat it.
The guys chat all about Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness!
Stryker asks Andrew about his music collaboration with Tom Morello and the song "The Maze" and Stryker and Andrew chat about his relationship with the great drummer Tommy Lee from Motley Crue and how and why that relationship came to be. 
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness has released a few new songs including "Stars" which can be heard on the syndicated radio show "Out of Order with Stryker".
Lots of new music is on the way.
Andrew is such a talented guy, make sure you check out all his new material and find him on the road! Thank you once again for watching and listening to another episode of Tuna on Toast! 
Tuan on Toast w Dirty Heads Jared Watson

Tuan on Toast w Dirty Heads Jared Watson

September 12, 2022

In this episode of Tuna on Toast, Ted Stryker welcomes Jared Watson from Dirty Heads to the show. Dirty Heads just released their ninth full length studio album titled Midnight Control produced by Ryan Ogren.  

Jared and Stryker first connected long before the first Dirty Heads album was released.  The guys chat about a fun night on the Sunset Strip with M. Shadows and The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold.
Jared tells Stryker about how back in high school, both he and Duddy B would write rhymes....fun, funny, offensive rhymes.  That lead to the guys writing their own original songs like "Antelope" and "I Got No Time".  
Jared gives so much love and props to the Beastie Boys, Pharcyde and Linkin Park!  
The guys chat about what actually IS success....
Jared tells Stryker the band talks about how they can improve after every show. These guys care! It's so cool to hear how dedicated they are as a band to the craft! 
Stryker and Jared discuss "Life's Been Good", the Dirty Heads cover of the Joe Walsh song. 
The guys play a game of "Dirty Heads" Jeopardy.
Jared tells Stryker he's a huge Incubus fan!
Jared conveys to Stryker that the new album Midnight Control is their best material, best album since Any Port in a Storm.
Jared talks about his new vocal coach and the training involved plus applying it to the live show. 
Stryker asks Jared about the song "Vacation" going viral on TikTok. 
Jared also shares that each band member now has responsibilities within the band. 
Stryker asks Jared about the most expensive music videos Dirty Heads have created.....
Stryker and Jared discuss the early shows at The Roxy and how Duddy would pack up party buses and fill up The Roxy with friends and fans from Huntington Beach!  This led to the guys signing with their manager "Cheese"......who is still their manager. 
Jared and Stryker chat about Dirty Heads getting signed to Warner Bros. Records and also getting dropped by them, but...the good folks at WBR let Dirty Heads keep their master recordings! 
Jared Watson is one talented and dedicated dude! Thank you so much for watching and listening to another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker.
Tuna on Toast with Silversun Pickups - Brian Aubert

Tuna on Toast with Silversun Pickups - Brian Aubert

August 15, 2022

In this Tuna on Toast Podcast episode, Ted Stryker welcomes the very funny and talented Brian Aubert from Silversun Pickups. SSPU release their 6th full length album titled Physical Thrills on August 19th. Brian talks to Stryker about working once again with the legend himself Butch Vig! This episode is filled with so many random and funny weird conversations..From Brady Bunch Trivia to discussing the movie Jaws, Godzilla, Universal Studios and the Fast and Furious franchise. Brian tells Stryker that The Rock IS the reason why those Fast movies are so good! Brian and Stryker discuss Silversun Pickups history, from the early shows in Los Angeles, to getting signed by Q Prime Artist Management and all the fun stories that go with it. The guys also talk about Kate Bush and Stranger Things, SSPU has been playing "Running up that Hill" pre-show for a while. Brian also tells Stryker about the email he sent to Ed O'Brien from Radiohead to tell him how much he appreciates Radiohead and the EOB guitar that he's been using. Ed wrote Brian back!  Brian Aubert is a talented, fun, self aware and cool warm gentlemen.  Thank you for listening to another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker.

Tuna on Toast with The Interrupters

Tuna on Toast with The Interrupters

August 2, 2022

In this episode, Ted Stryker welcomes The Interrupters to the Tuna on Toast podcast studio.  This pod is filled with all kinds of emotions, it's a fun rollercoaster! 

The awesome Aimee, Kevin, Justin and Jesse drop their new album In the Wild on August 5th.
In the Wild was produced by Kevin Bivona and recorded in the homemade studio Justin and Jesse Bivona built during the pandemic. 
Aimee reveals that this is by far the most personal album she has ever written, totally autobiographical. 
Aimee opens up to Stryker about her lifelong battle with depression and how the biggest thing that changed her life while making the full length album is the treatment she did called TMS.   Since the treatment....as Aimee says, life has been better in all ways!
Kevin tells Stryker the story about auditioning for The Transplants when he was 18 years old and getting the gig as the keyboard player!
This job with Tim Armstrong, Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob paved the way to playing the Warped Tour and forming a strong relationship with Tim, Travis and many other musicians. 
The three Bivona brothers tell Stryker about the band they formed in 2009 called The Telecasters... and going on tour with Sugar Ray, Dirty Heads and Aimee as a solo artist!  Jesse and Justin were only 20 years old on this tour! 
In 2010 Jesse and Justin started to tech for Sugar Ray, setting up all the gear at every show...working their butts off! 
Justin and Jesse were then asked to actually join Sugar Ray by Mark McGrath (as they ate at Jerry's Deli on Ventura!)
Aimme Interrupter tells Stryker how she ventured to Los Angeles from Montana at 18 years old.  Aimee would walk on Sunset Blvd. hoping to find musicians who played punk rock. 
She did meet a band called No Motive which led to Aimee meeting Randy Jackson.   Randy shopped her music around and eventually got her a solo deal with Elektra Records....Aimiee worked with Mark Ronson on her album which got shelved. 
Not too often mentioned....Aimee tells Stryker that it was love at first sight with Kevin (they are married).
Please find The Interrupters on tour wherever you may live.  These four talented humans are also some of the nicest and most gracious people you'll find.  
Thank you to the band, and thank you to YOU for checking out another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker.
Tuna on Toast w Warped Tour Creator Kevin Lyman

Tuna on Toast w Warped Tour Creator Kevin Lyman

July 4, 2022
In this episode, Ted Stryker welcomes to the Tuna on Toast studio....
the man who founded Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman!!
Kevin tells Stryker about his life pre Warped Tour which included working Lollapalooza.
Kevin worked as the artists liaison and stage manager among many of the hats he wore while working Lolla.
Kevin tells Stryker about starting Warped Tour in 1995 and being totally broke after the tour.
The price of tickets for the festival was $15.00!
Kevin talks about talking to Fat Mike from NOFX and Fletcher from Pennywise to lock in their two bands for year two of Warped Tour.
Kevin tells Stryker how Calvin Klein was almost the title sponsor before Vans became the main sponsor.
Kevin tells Stryker how during the Warped Tour, Sugar Ray started selling 70,000 copies a week of their album Floored.
Kevin and Mark McGrath had a chat about not only staying on the tour but continuing to play on the small stage even though the band was exploding with popularity.
Kevin and Stryker chat about why Warped Tour took place outside and a daytime festival.
He always wanted to pay homage to the past while moving forward.
The bands that Kevin Lyman thought were great from day one were My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and AFI.
Kevin talks about how Simple Plan played Warped 17 times while Less Than Jake played the festival the most!
Kevin tells Stryker that 2017 was the year things on the Warped Tour went wrong, from the weather being terrible to the "youtube culture" to getting death threats on twitter based on some bands that were booked to play or bands that were not thrown off the tour.
Kevin talks about losing sleep over the threats made to him and his family.
In 2018, USC asked Kevin to teach, he's a full time professor teaching 5 classes!
Kevin says "You can do good, and do good business!"
When it comes to bands.....he says we need bands to stand for something!
Kevin tells Stryker that he is on the board of the unopened Punk Rock Museum. Kevin tell Stryker exclusively that the museum in Vegas will open October 21st, the night before the "When We Were Young" festival kicks off.
Kevin talks about Katy Perry being on Warped Tour and how New Radicals were a band that he liked that never got huge.
He also was confused why G eazy does not mention his Warped Tour days. Kevin loves Yungblud!
Kevin talks about Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit as well.
Kevin Lyman is full of so much knowledge and is such a nice and generous dude.
Thanks for watching and listening to another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker.
Tuna on Toast with Paris Jackson

Tuna on Toast with Paris Jackson

June 20, 2022

In this episode, Ted Stryker welcomes Paris Jackson to the Tuna on Toast Studio.

Paris just released a new song called "Lighthouse".

Paris recorded the song in December of 2021 with Butch Walker producing and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam on guitar.
Paris and Butch had been talking about working with eachother for years, it finally came to fruition on "lighthouse" as well has future songs yet to be released.
Paris released a solo album in 2020 titled Wilted which was produced by Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra. Paris talks about how great that experience was and what a good human Andy is.
When discussing her music, she says at the end of the day, all her songs are folk.
Paris tells Stryker she started playing guitar at 13 but doesn't consider herself to be a guitar player.
Paris Jackson talks about how singing "Surrender" with the band Cheap Trick and playing a set with her own band at Boston Calling was one of the best days of her life.  
Paris also tells Stryker about playing with The Struts and botching their lyrics but still having a blast.  
Stryker and Paris chat about being so under the microscope and not having a chance to stumble without it being super magnified. 
Stryker asks Paris about music execs that try to get her to perform more under the pop umbrella than a rock or folk style. 
Paris tells Stryker about the music she grew up listening to from Motley Crue to Simon and Garfunkle and Snoop and Dre.
Stryker asks Paris what is success to her when it comes to her music career.
Paris tells Stryker how the band Radiohead and their music helped her through some very dark times. 
Paris mentions that she'd love to work with Conor Oberst, Cage the Elephant, Dave Grohl and Margot & the Nuclear So and So's.
Paris tells Stryker she doesn't watch too much TV and really loves gore and to be scared!
Paris said the only person that can really scare her is her brother Prince Jackson.
She also talks about how lucky she is to have such great brothers. 
Paris tells Stryker how she's had a few songs written about her that were not good songs. 
It was such a wonderful afternoon chatting with Paris Jackson, she is smart, talented and very nice! 
Thanks for watching another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker. 
Tuna on Toast with Josh Klinghoffer

Tuna on Toast with Josh Klinghoffer

May 31, 2022

Welcome back to the channel!

Ted Stryker welcomes guitarist, songwriter, and overall good dude, Josh Klinghoffer to the Tuna on Toast Studio. Pluralone, Josh's band, just released another album titled This is the Show. 

Josh talks to Stryker about growing up in the Valley (Los Angeles) and listening to Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Motley Crue. Josh tells Stryker how his Mom first signed him up for drums, not guitar. He started having friends (a full band) come over at an early age. At 15 Josh decided to pick up the guitar and learned to play without taking lessons.

Josh and Stryker talk about how he is normally the youngest in the groups he plays with. Josh mentions the great Bob Forrest, the band Bicycle Thief and first meeting Bob. Josh tells Stryker about the "bloody battle" he had with his parents about dropping out of school. 

Josh's new album is called "This is the Show"! His band is Pluralone. The album was born during the pandemic. Clint Walsh (Dot Hacker) and Josh worked together and found great harmony (both life and musically).

Josh also tells Stryker about first meeting Eddie Vedder and working on the album Earthling. Josh talks to Stryker about joining the Red Hot Chili Peppers at 30 years old and spending all of his 30's with them.

The guys also discuss Pluralone opening for Pearl Jam and also playing guitar with Pearl Jam during their set. Josh tells Stryker about his growth as a person and a musician.

Stryker has an idea for Josh to get coffee with Ilan Rubin from Nine Inch Nails and make some songs😊 Stryker asks Josh how he feels TODAY about not being a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers anymore. 

Josh and Stryker also talk about the work Josh and Chad Smith did with Morrissey! Josh says that Morrissey said it's his favorite album while it has not seen the light of day. The album is complete. Josh hopes the Morrissy album is released sooner than later!

Josh Klinghoffer is such a talented person, I also had a great time chatting with him, thanks for watching, sit back and enjoy another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker

Tuna on Toast with Taylor Hawkns

Tuna on Toast with Taylor Hawkns

April 5, 2022

First off, I'm sending condolences and all the love to Taylor's family, friends, and bandmates.

This interview/hangout with Taylor Hawkins and Stryker took place in 2017 at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA.

Taylor and Stryker talk about moving from Laguna Beach to the Valley, Taylor tells Stryker about moving to Venice Beach at 18 to be close to Janes Addiction and the music scene. 

The guys chat about Taylor's love of Mountain Biking.

Taylor tells Stryker about his first paid gig!  From Sass Jordan to in 1994 to Alanis! Taylor and Stryker discuss luck and Taylor telling Stryker about being at the right place at the right time. 

Taylor tells Stryker about wanting to start bands in high school that sounded like Janes Addiction.  He and Stryker talk about the band Sylvia.

Taylor also believes that there is another Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix out there! He also believes Kendrick Lamar is a superstar!!

Stryker mentions that it's Taylors 25th anniversary in the Foo Fighters (2017)

Taylor Hawkins discusses the pressures...or lack there of early on in the band and how Dave Grohl believes in the notion of a band.

Taylor says the Foo Fighters were picked more based on personality than musical chops and how Taylor has learned from Dave while in the band.

When it comes to the song "The Sky is a Neighborhood", Taylor says that it's their "Black Hole Sun".  The guys talk about the making of Concrete and Gold and working with Greg Kurstin. 

Stryker mentions his love of the song "Range Rover Bitch" and Taylor tells a story about Liam Gallagher coming up to him at Glastonbury Festival and telling Taylor how much he loves the song!

I'm beyond grateful to have met Taylor professionally.  Taylor Hawkins created memories for millions of people that we will never forget. 

Tuna on Toast with Mark McGrath

Tuna on Toast with Mark McGrath

March 22, 2022

In this episode, Ted Stryker welcomes Mark McGrath to the Tuna on Toast Studio for an in-depth interview.

The guys chat about Oingo Boingo, Mark Wahlberg before the official show begins as well as William Zabka and Vanilla Ice.
The guys have a laugh at the fact that in the early Sugar Ray bio, it said Rodney was chaka from Land of the Lost! 
Mark and Stryker talk about how Sugar Ray, Everclear, and Smash Mouth may not be legacy bands, but they all created legacy songs.
The guys chat about the history of Sugar Ray.
It starts with the guys chatting about the Shrinky Dinx and getting signed to Atlantic.  
Shrinky Dinx became Sugar Ray with Rodney Sheppard and Stan Frazier as well as DJ Homicide. 
Mark talks a lot about how famed director McG was an important piece to the puzzle. 
They made a 3 minute sizzle reel, put it in a pizza box and sent it to everyone they could think of!
The guys ended up getting a record deal worth one million dollars! 
Mark and Stryker chat about how DJ Lethal from House of Pain got involved in the album Lemonade and Brownies. 
Mark tells Stryker the story of how the King of All Media Howard Stern is responsible for the success of Sugar Ray! 
Stryker asks Mark about making the album FLOORED with producer David Kahne as well as the song "Fly".
Mark tells Stryker about how the musical artist Super Cat came to be on the song "Fly".
After the crazy success Mark and Stryker the pressures that come along with making the album 14:59.
This album is filled with hits! 
The guys talk Don Gilmore and more Sugar Ray history.
Mark talks about his time with Extra TV Show.
Towards the end of the interview, Mark McGrath gives us his take on Guns N' Roses, Janes Addiction, Weezer, The Cure, Blink 182 and  The Rolling Stones.
It's very easy to root for Mark McGrath!  Thank you for watching and listening to another episode of Tuna on Toast.
Tuna on Toast with Incubus Michael Einziger

Tuna on Toast with Incubus Michael Einziger

March 14, 2022

In this episode, Ted Stryker welcomes the talented songwriter, performer and entrepreneur Mike Einziger from Incubus to the Tuna on Toast podcast studio (aka my second bedroom)

Michael Einziger and Stryker talk about his new love for Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David. The guys discuss albums like Fungus Amongus and Science and relearning those early songs for the upcoming Incubus tour. Mike talks about selling out musical venues like The Roxy and The Troubadour even before the band received radio play.

Mike tells Stryker all about the early Incubus shows and house parties, hustling passing out fliers, opening for Sublime and signing his first ever autograph. Mike and Stryker discuss MIXhalo, Mike is the Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of this wireless technology platform. They also talk about his latest venture which is called Versicolor Technologies..Mike is the Co-Founder & CEO of this biotechnology startup.

Mike tells Stryker about hearing "Pardon Me" on the radio for the first time and the success that followed. especially after getting added to the MTV rotation. The guys talk about recording the Morning View album. Mike tells Stryker that after Light Grenades he started to question if this is what he really wants to do the rest of his life....Record, promote, tour repeat. Mike is not sure if Incubus will be recording many more new songs.

Mike and Stryker talk about the connection Incubus has made with so many people!

The guys then talk about the disappearance of Elaine Park, Elaine went missing back in 2017, her car was found in Malibu. Mike and Stryker discuss the case as well as the podcast To Live and Die in LA (hosted by Neil Strauss) If you have any info, please contact 1800 551 3080 (the tip line).

What a fun episode this was with Mike. Incubus is such a great band with so many songs we all love. Thank you for watching and listening to another epiode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker

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